Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vacation Bible School Day

Yesterday we finished the construction work on the facility.  Praise the Lord for His goodness!!  Praise songs and hymns were sung by some of our team members as they were applying the final coats of paint.  The local pastor and the local workers joined in when they heard a familiar tune.  Again, praises being sung to God, in our own languages, but to the same Lord.  A wonderful example of our entire week here.  We are different, yet all His children, working together.  One local mother came at the end of the day and was overwhelmed with seeing the building completed.  Joy overcame her and she laughed and giggled and just kept hugging us as she walked from room to room.

Today we get to have lots of fun at VBS and speak directly through interpreters, sharing the stories of Jesus.  Praying hands crafts, witnessing bracelets, balloon animals, etc. Lots of wonderful seeds will be planted and I'm sure, lots of giggles and smiles will abound.  Be sure to check the FB page, link listed in a previous post, for pictures. 

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