Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What a Day!

Tuesday started with lots of painting.  Most all walls are finished.  The only things left to paint are the sanctuary, one side of the exterior of the building and the mural.  Watching the building all come together is very rewarding.  We can see it coming to life.  A few more people were able to meet their sponsored children and seeing the homes and neighborhoods is eye opening.  Wooden slats nailed together for exterior walls, sheets to divide rooms, most matresses are on the floor and there is typically only one mattress per household, for many people. 

Tuesday afternoon we took a trip to the local market.  It was in the downtown area, which meant our bus drivers showed us even more skill in the maneuvering in a crowded area with what seems to be very little order.  Our American eyes see no rhyme or reason.  While they drive on the same side of the road as us, there are cars and motorcycles turning into traffic, bicycles, street vendors, even pedestrians walking in and out of very high traffic areas.  Amazing.  It was very interesting bargaining with the store tenders for some souvenirs. We tried using our Spanish speaking skills, but mostly relied on a calculator so there was no misunderstanding.  The supermarket was also fun.  Coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla were hot items as those are products of the Dominican.

A moving moment before dinner as we stopped by a local cathedral to experience a little time in a mass service.  While we couldn't understand most of the words, when it reached time for the Lord's Prayer, we all joined hands, reciting it together.

We ended the evening with a lot of singing around the dining tables.  Some praise and worship and lots of silly songs too.  Laughter and growing friendships seemed to be the theme of the day, New Domincan friends, missionary friends at our "home away from home", and American friends in our teammates. 

We are off to the site again today, Wednesday, to finish up the painting, and then cleaning up the site in preparation for the Grand Opening, presenting it to the community in a few days.  EXCITING!!!

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