Monday, July 29, 2013

Praising is the same in any language

Sunday offered a fantastic time of celebrating Jesus with our new Dominican friends in a local church service.  Loud Hallelujahs and soft hugs all in the same room as we remember and celebrate that we are all in the same family, children of God.  Our leader, Yunior, was translating excellently, so the words could be clear. But, there was no need to translate the passion and love in the room. After church, we visited the communities and homes of some of the children who attend the school/center in which we are working to build.  To see the differences in their way of life makes us all so much more appreciative of what we have.  But, at the same time, we are perhaps learning that possessions are not all that important.  We wrapped up the day with some ice cream, visiting a local plaza. The evening brought about lots of fun back at La Casa Grande (our home away from home) with games and swimming and building relationships and new friends among our team.
On deck for Monday... lots more work at the project.  Painting, more cementing and whatever else we can do to help to get this school ready.  Until next time...

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